In light of current global events concerning the coronavirus pandemic, Evonik offers products to help preventing the spread of the disease, such as PERSYNT® 3 LC, a high purity hydrogen peroxide specifically designed for use in WHO recommended alcohol-based hand-rub formulations. 

Evonik Heute Corona
H2O2 for use in WHO alcohol-based hand-rub formulations

PERSYNT® 3 LC is specially developed and stabilized for the preparation of a WHO-recommended alcohol-based hand-rub formulations. Hydrogen peroxide is used to inactivate bacterial spores in the disinfecting solutions and is not an active substance for hand disinfection.

PERSYNT® 3 LC Product Datasheet  (pdf, 75 KB)

Hydrogen Peroxide 

One of the Cleanest oxidizing chemicals in the World 

Hydrogen peroxide is a sustainable, resource-efficient chemical used for oxidation reactions, bleaching processes in pulp, paper and textile industries, waste water treatment, exhaust air treatment and for various disinfection applications. Decomposing to yield only oxygen and water, hydrogen peroxide is one of the cleanest, most versatile chemicals available.

With more than 100 years of experience in peroxygen chemistry, Evonik is able to offer high quality hydrogen peroxide grades that deliver exceptional value for our customers. 

Our product brands 

Our broad portfolio of products is ranging from standard to specialty grades, specially developed for various applications: 

HYPROX® is a standard hydrogen peroxide grade, which is developed for general industrial use, designed for a broad range of applications, for example

Furthermore it is used in flue gas and contaminated soil (bioremediation), in the detergent and cleanser industry, for pickling of metal surfaces and also as a bleaching agent for oils, waxes, fibers and other natural products.


PERSYNT® is a high purity hydrogen peroxide, which is optimized for food treatment, fine chemical synthesis as well as for use in the cosmetic and pharma industries. 

Our PERSYNT® hydrogen peroxide grade complies with the requirements of European Pharmacopoeia 7 (except for concentration) and EN DIN 902.


CLARMARIN® is a hydrogen peroxide grade for use in various water treatment applications.

It complies with the quality requirements of EN DIN 902 and recommended to be used for drinking water preparation.


OXTERIL® is a high purity, food grade hydrogen peroxide, which is especially designed for the use in the aseptic packaging industry

Our OXTERIL® hydrogen peroxide grade complies with the requirements of European Pharmacopoeia 7 (ex. concentration), EN DIN 902 and the American Food Chemical Codex 7.

OXTERIL® products are approved by a number of main packaging machine suppliers.


Our ASPERIX® Vet hydrogen peroxide grade is an effective and sustainable treatment in aquaculture against sea lice infestation. It delivers immediate results and has a withdrawal period of zero days. Fish can be harvested immediately after treatment. No aggregation in the food chain occurs. 

ASC certified farms are not limited in the number of treatment using ASPERIX® Vet.

Main properties of ASPERIX® Vet at a glance:

  • 49.5 % w/w hydrogen peroxide concentrate solution for fish treatment

  • Target species: Atlantic Salmon (Salmo Salar)

  • Produced according to GMP standards

  • A sustainable and effective bath treatment against sea lice infestation

  • Ecologically benign and considered safe for the environment

  • Delivered in dedicated 25.000 liter ISO-tank containers

ASPERIX® Vet is to be supplied on veterinary prescription for animal treatment only. 

Evonik supplies ASPERIX® Vet via its exclusive distribution partner HELM Skandinavien AS. Visit Website


PERTRONIC® is our electronic grade hydrogen peroxide grade and meets the requirements of the electronic industry concerning purity and stability. It is the leading 'wet chemical' used in the semiconductor industry.


PROPULSE® is a high concentration hydrogen peroxide grade specially developed for the aeronautics industry. It is used in space rocket launches and as a mono-propellant in various under-water marine vessels.


In addition, our experts have a wide-ranging background knowledge in developing specially designed and stabilized grades for unique applications.

Please contact your regional sales manager for information about a particular product, which would suit your application best and to obtain further technical as well as commercial information.