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Evonik manufactures a range of products that can be found throughout the oil and gas industry. We produce a specialty peracetic acid grade that can be utilized during drilling, fracturing, productivity enhancement, and secondary recovery as a biocide and oxidizer.

Evonik provides products with a wide range of  peracetic acid concentrations. A particular feature of peracetic acid is its broad spectrum of anti-microbial effects, rapid reaction, and excellent effectiveness at low temperatures. 

PERACLEAN® does not form any chlorinated byproducts (DBPs) and is only minimally corrosive to mild carbon steel. If discharged into an effluent stream, this eco-friendly product rapidly decomposes into water, oxygen, and carbon dioxide.





PERACLEAN® can be used as an oilfield biocide for removing reduced sulphide and acid producing
species in produced water clean-up and frac water


 Evonik’s biocide is registered   with the EPA


A selection of grades for use as an sulphite and organics oxidizer


Scale Remover

Removal of scale in wellbore or near wellbore radius

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