Health care  hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid

Health Care 

Hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid as oxidizing agents, sterilants and disinfectants 

Evonik offers special hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid grades for various applications in the pharmaceutical and medical industries. Such applications include dental or wound disinfection, decontamination of surgical instruments as well as treatment of contact lenses. 
Solutions with higher hydrogen peroxide concentration are applied as chemisterilants in specially designed machines for decontamination of heat sensitive medical devices. 

PERSYNT Hand Disinfection

PERSYNT® 3 LC for use in WHO alcohol-based hand-rub formulations 

Evonik has recently extended its portfolio with the product PERSYTN® 3 LC, an aqueous solution of highly purified hydrogen peroxide, which is dedicated for the preparation of a WHO-recommended alcohol-based hand-rub formulation. Hydrogen peroxide is used to inactivate bacterial spores in the disinfecting solutions and is not an active substance for hand disinfection. The corresponding recipes are defined by the WHO.  

PERSYNT® 3 LC has a 3% concentration of H2O2. Additionally, Evonik offers PERSYNT® 300 LC with a higher concentration of 30% H2O2.

PERSYNT® 3 LC Product Datasheet  (pdf, 72 KB) PERSYNT® 300 LC Product Datasheet  (pdf, 58 KB)


PERACLEAN® 15 has demonstrated effectiveness against viruses similar to SARS-COV-2 on hard non-porous surfaces. Therefore, it can be used against SARS-COV-2 when applied in accordance with the directions for use against Human Corona virus strain 229e.

The Evonik product is a solution to help preventing the spread of disease on common surfaces that people may come in contact with, such as door knobs and hand rails.

Peracetic Acid brochure  (pdf, 2.27 MB)

For specific information regarding grades and formulations please contact your regional representative.