Oxidizing and cleaning agent 

For electronic applications Evonik supplies PERTRONIC®, a high purity, low-stabilized special hydrogen peroxide grade, which meets the requirements of the electronic industry concerning purity and stability.

PERTRONIC®, our high-purity, electronics-grade hydrogen peroxide is used by the electronics industry alone or in combination with sulfuric acid as an oxidizing and cleaning agent in the manufacture of semiconductors as well as an etchant in the production of printed circuit boards. Hydrogen peroxide/sulfuric acid etchants are desirable because of their low cost, effectiveness and reduced waste disposal problems.

In the semiconductor manufacturing the effective cleaning of fine geometries and tools requires wet processing. An increasing number of process steps require ultra-high purity cleaning agent applications . Hydrogen peroxide based formulations technologies distinguish themselves by superior performance. Some common cleaning and surface conditioning sequences using hydrogen peroxide/sulfuric acid mixtures are photoresist stripping, post-resist strip cleaning and residue removal.

Hydrogen peroxide has also increasingly been used in the manufacturing of LCD displays. Due to a changing production process, LCD display makers adapt more copper wiring. This leads to a shift from aluminum etchants to copper etchants. Due to their beneficial properties, hydrogen peroxide based copper etchants are state of the art.

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