According to the product specification, different transportation regulations apply. We have compiled the most important regulations which are relevant for you in the following table. 

Hydrogen peroxide of a concentration of less than 8 percent by weight is not subject to any transport regulations. For concentrations 8 percent and above by wt., the following classifications apply:

Concentration of H2O2

IMDG code

Orange warning panel
pursuant to ADR/RID

8% to <20% by wt.

5.1, UN 2984, PG. III

orange warning panel pursuant to ADR/RIT

20% to ≤60% by wt.

5.1, UN 2014, PG. II

orange warning panel pursuant to ADR/RIT

>60% by wt.

5.1, UN 2015, PG. I

orange warning panel pursuant to ADR
Air transportation 

Concentration of H2O2


>8% to <20% by wt.

5.1, UN 2984, PG. III *)

20% to 40% by wt.

5.1, UN 2014, PG. II *)

>40% by wt.


*) For packaging to be shipped by air hermetically closure is mandatory. Considering that hydrogen peroxide steadily emits oxygen, enough ullage must be left in the packagings in order to prevent bursting. Ask the Evonik experts for more info/details about an internal Evonik procedure to ship hydrogen peroxide by air safely.

National regulations may differ from one country to another, and are being revised continuously. Customers who want to transport hydrogen peroxide within particular national boundaries should refer to the applicable national regulations.

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